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Safeduct 5 – Enclosed System Box Type – SD Series – Full System Except Collectors

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SD 40 Amp Copper
SD 60 Amp Copper
SD 80 Amp Copper
SD 100 Amp Copper
SD 140 Amp Copper
SD 200 Amp Copper
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Safeduct The enclosed conductor system is a modern design, accident-proof with moving current collectors to feed mobile equipment such as cranes, hoists conveyors, textiles & computerized warehouses, etc. Due to its insulated body, it is safe.

The Safeduct system fits into small spaces in comparison with other conventional electric feeding systems.

Every joint of the system acts as an expansion joint absorbing the difference in length due to the expansion-shrink of the system. So, no special” expansion joints are required.

As it is a modular system it is possible to enlarge or diminish the installation by adding or removing the modular tracks.

It is very easy and quick in one passing the line is ready to work.

It can be done at the beginning of the line or at any Joint Along with The Installation,

If some track is broken it is easy to replace it with a new one without moving the rest of the tracks of the line.

Voltage Up to 600 V.

Working Temperature From – 30°C to + 55°C.

Degree Of Protection IP 23.

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Safeduct 5 Type Per Meter

SD 40 Amp Copper, SD 60 Amp Copper, SD 80 Amp Copper, SD 100 Amp Copper, SD 140 Amp Copper, SD 200 Amp Copper


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