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Dc Electromagnetic Brake

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Dc Electromagnetic brake shoe is actuated by energy stored in the compression spring and is released by a dc electromagnet. Thus, the brake is fail-to -safety, and its normally ON (applied). The dc magnet coil, when energized releases the brake.

This series of the brake of brakes are characterized by robust construction and design and is especially suited for Steel Mills, EOT Cranes, Hoists, and Elevators.

Dc Electromagnetic brake is suitable to work on 220 volts D.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 150mm to 600mm dia. Electromagnetic brakes are used when a load must be stopped rapidly to prevent the load from rotating due to motor and load inertia at a predetermined time or selected point of travel or to prevent over travel. The Rectified DC supply cables for the magnet coil are suitably connected to the terminals provided in the junction box on the magnet body. Dc Brake needs very little maintenance as it has no working fluid, brake oil seals, or any such components.

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DC Type

DBM 160mm Drum Size, Torque 10kgm, DBM 200mm Drum Size, Torque 13.8kgm, DBM 250mm Drum Size, Torque 27.7kgm, DBM 300mm Drum Size, Torque 76kgm, DBM 315mm Drum Size, Torque 76kgm, DBM 400mm Drum Size, Torque 138.3kgm, DBM 500mm Drum Size, Torque 277kgm, DBM 600mm Drum Size, Torque 555kgm, DM 100mm Drum Size, Torque 2kgm, DM 150mm Drum Size, Torque 10kgm, DM 160mm Drum Size, Torque 10kgm, DM 200mm Drum Size, Torque 12.5kgm, DM 250mm Drum Size, Torque 35kgm, DM 300mm Drum Size, Torque 50kgm, DM 315mm Drum Size, Torque 50kgm, DM 400mm Drum Size, Torque 120kgm, DM 500mm Drum Size, Torque 190kgm, DM 600mm Drum Size, Torque 355kgm, DM 700mm Drum Size, Torque 575kgm


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