CG shop

Control Gear for EOT Crane
(54 Products)

These Products consist of Thruster, Thruster Brake, DC Brake, Limit Switches, Master COntroller, Pendants & Resistance Box

RRC Shop

Radio Remote Control
(16 Products)

Radio Remote Control Consist of a transmitter & Receiver with a wide range of 100mtrs from 6 buttons to 12 buttons single stroke double speed for application for EOT Crane.

FLP Shop

Flameproof Products
(20 Products)

Flame Proof Products of the Group IIA/IIB & IIC, Certified by CMRI, BIS/PESO, the products are Thruster, Thruster Brake, Limit Switches, Pendants, Radio Remote Control & Panels.

OE Shop

Other Electronics
(10 Products)

Other Electronics consist of Anti Collision Devices Laser & Infrared, Indicating Lamps, Loadcells & Safeload Indicator.


Insulated Conductor Bars
(15 Products)

Insulated Conductor Bars System-wide range from 60Amps to1250Amps used for power supply system for mobile machinery.


Box Type Insulated Conductor Bars
(2 Products)

Box Type Insulated Conductor Bars range 40Amps to 200Amps for all stroke 5 Pole, Other Varieties, Fiber, Mini & 7 Bar Safeduct.

Crail Shop

C Rail
(1 Product)

An application used for Cranes, consisting C Rail, Table Trolley, Pendant Trolley. etc.