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AC Solenoids Brake – EMD 4, 5.5, 7, 10

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AC Solenoids Brake is a suitable phase A.C. supplies up to 440V and is available for drum diameters of 100 mm to 375 mm and braking torques up to 69 kg-m.

AC Solenoids brake type ‘S’ is designed for long life, easy installation minimum maintenance. They are electrically released and spring-applied to provide. ‘Fail-Safe’ operation. The retarding torque developed is directly proportional to the spring and pressure.

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EMD Brake type

EMD 4 Inch 100mm Drum Size, Torque 1.3kgm, EMD 5.5 Inch 139.7mm Drum Size, Torque 3.4kgm, EMD 7 Inch 177.8mm Drum Size, Torque 6.8kgm, EMD 10 Inch 250mm Drum Size, Torque 14.7kgm


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